The German Coolie World Registry is not a club; it is a scientifically based, incorporated association dedicated to the preservation of genetic diversity and health of the German Coolie/Australian Koolie as they spread around the world. The registry assists breeders by keeping databases of pedigrees and DNA records as well as issuing reports on the coefficient of inbreeding (COI), relatedness, ancestor loss coefficients (AKV) and other computations to assist breeders with projected crosses. Certificates are issued to breeders and owners. There are two levels of registry, which allows all dogs of coolie decent from Australia to be recorded and registered with the association. The association promotes scientific research and supports breeders and owners who desire to use science to preserve and promote the breed.

This Association works closely with the Koolie Club of Australia and encourages breeders and owners to join the K.C.A. and to register their dogs with them.
Contact the G.C.W.R. or the K.C.A. for information on how to join or register your dogs with the K.C.A.


About the Breed

Read about the History & Breed standard for the German Coolie; Australia’s Coolest Canine

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Breeders Information

GCWR Guidelines for Breeders, DNA Testing, Breeders Info & List of Breeders etc

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Find Registration information for dogs & litters. Find Forms & Fees here

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Coolie Fertility Bank

Future preservation of the breed has been made possible by creating a cryogenic bank

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