Clubs & Activites

The German Coolie World Registry Incorporated is a service organization for breeders. The typical dog registration services such as recording dog pedigrees and issuing certificates of registration is done as well as assistance with calculating co-efficiency of Inbreeding (COI) and monitoring and recording genetic test results. Discount pricing is arranged for the breeders for genetic testing and research is initiated and suggested with canine biologists and scientific researchers.

Individual owners of C(k)oolies are encouraged to join and participate in a member-based club that educates about the breed and offers activities and competitions for all people with K(c)oolies regardless of origin.

This page will continue to post links and information as they are made available to us about these groups, events and organizations. Please inform the GCWR if you would like to have your club added to this page. Watch for the Coolie Club of Canada coming soon.