DNA Testing


Genetic testing is an important part of any good breeding program. The breeding dogs in the German Coolie World Registry are required to have a coolie disease panel test done before they are bred. It is beneficial to do a color panel test so the status of the merle, piebald or dilute is known before breeding. Anything that affects pigment is important to consider when breeding. Breeders of the GCWR never knowingly risk deafness or blindness in their chosen genetic crosses.

Embark and Pawprint Genetics have partnered with the GCWR to offer a discount on testing. Embark will do a full genetic sequence and test for over 160 disease. The test will include a breed ID and breeder’s tools such as the COI and the diversity of the class 1 and 2 MHC proteins. There is one fee for all of the services offered. The DNA sequences of your dogs will be used to help with advances in canine and human research.

PawPrint Genetics offers a disease panel for the German Coolie as well as full color panels, parentage testing and the full merle base pair testing. Tests can be ordered one at time or in any group or combination you desire.

Both Embark and Pawprint have trained geneticists to help with questions and they have web-based services for breeders that continue to be improve and updated.

The GCWR has negotiated a substantial discount price with Embark Vet and PawPrint Genetics. Contact the registry to get the codes for these discounts.
Please send your results to the GCWR so the registry can continue to monitor and learn for the good the coolie breed.

The Koolie Club of Australia has negotiated a discount for a Koolie panel of tests with Orivet Genetics . Swabs are sent to the KCA for those tests. Contact the club for further details on how to test in Australia.

If you want to learn more about what your test results mean or if you want to learn about dog genetics or how to become a better breeder consider taking classes with the Institute of Canine Biology http://www.instituteofcaninebiology.org/ There is a wealth of information about dogs on this website.

Please contact the registrar of the GCWR for further assistance on DNA testing or with your questions about what test to order. GCWR