Breed Standard


The versatile nature of the German Coolie (aka Australian Koolie) is a reflection of the genetic diversity and hybrid vigor present in the breed. The German Coolie World Registry seeks to retain this diversity. Thus the breed standard is broad and there is no desire to narrow it at the cost of losing genetic diversity; indeed this is contrary to the mission of this registry.

german collie breed COAT AND COLOR: All colors except brindle can be present; this includes eye color. Merle and blue eyes should not be bred for. A lack of pigment around the eyes nose and ears is discouraged. Hair may be smooth or any length of rough.

TEMPERMENT: Active and intelligent herding dog with a strong desire to work. They need a job to do; it is in their genes. Have a strong desire to please and be with people and other animals. Little to no bite when working livestock. Able to easily switch jobs and turn off and refocus. These dogs are famous for having an “off switch”.  They are athletic and have much endurance. Bond strongly with their handler and family.

HEALTH: It is not uncommon for these dogs to live well beyond ten years of age. No genetic defects are common in this breed but because they are descendant from European herding dogs they can occasionally have diseases found in herding breeds. It is recommended that DNA testing be done for diseases that can be found in Coolies and other herding dogs. EmbarkVet has a comprehensive disease panel that will test for all genetic diseases for which there are proven tests. Breeders in the G.C.W.R. are working hard to prevent and control genetic diseases in the Coolie.

SIZE: range in size from 18-24 inches (46cm -60cm) tall. Weight 30-55 pounds.




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